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At NetworkingPM, we welcome everyone: groups, employees, entrepreneurs, companies and any business professional. We would love to unite all to make network connections to grow and have success together.

Loving, kindness, sharing, understanding and supporting each other that results in a beautiful life and brings a happy business together. We bring our integrity, beliefs and faith in support of all business connections.

NetworkingPM is the premier networking event for business professionals. It provides an opportunity to discuss and share ideas while learning about other local businesses. Each event is a relationship building experience held in a relaxed social setting. This will benefit you and your company resulting in new contacts and resources! You will enjoy new introductions and those you already know in a casual environment. This social mingling is ideal for networking.

Step away from the computer, put your tablet down, and turn off your phone! Instead:

Exchange ideas

Make new connections

Develop connections with people you know

Find employees


We provide a relaxed networking experience that will showcase and present hundreds of business members. This will serve as a gateway to connect and expand for the present and future.

We have over 25 years experience and have featured thousands of strategic and business connections. These positive events bring business professionals, friends, and groups together where new friends are made and meaningful business connections are created.

Together, we can share great and productive ideas in a business networking event. We value all our “Stars”! Your support makes a difference for everyday business. In business and in life, great attitudes result in success. We wish success for everyone in business!

At NetworkingPM, we celebrate like a STAR! We are here to support and make great business connections with partnerships, entrepreneurs, employees, and business professionals and make every day a blessing by the Spirit!

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